Welcome to the Mentor Wiki page

This page was set up for us to have a place to start to dialogue about different mentoring opportunities we can set up within the department, as well as to document opportunities that are already available. It will also be a repository for resources related to the mentoring we would like to establish.

There are several levels of mentoring for us to consider. Here are the basic tiers we have identified, with links to pages for each major peer group within the department:

Within these categories there is opportunity for helping with professional development - ranging from job search advice to providing an environment for practicing professional dialogue. We also see opportunity for casual interactions to bring some fun to the school environment and help promote camaraderie. We would like to encourage the development of study groups within each of these categories as a way to promote successful learning. Finally we engage in outreach activities to bring awareness to a broader community of people about what we do as physicists.

All of these activities are beneficial to the entire community within the physics department, but they also serve multiple purposes. They help with recruitment issues to bring more undergrads and grads into our program (who wouldn't want to join us once they see how great our environment is!), and we hope they will help specifically with recruitment and retention of women in physics.

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