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There are several aspects of the job search that I think we should include here. When a student is in graduate school they should keep in mind what types of jobs they want to apply for, and participate in activities that will give them experience for those jobs. Then, toward the end of graduate school students need to prepare documents for their job applications. Then there is the application and interview process, finally culminating in negotiating the job offer.

What types of jobs are available for people with graduate degrees in physics

APS job and career page:

Physics Today career page

See also the links at the bottom of the page

Resume building activities

If you want a teaching career here are some opportunities:

If you want a career in research:

Core knowledge is critical …

Publish …

Independence …

Network …

If you want a career in industry:

Building your application packet

A strong application packet is crucial to set you apart. Often jobs have over 50 if not over 100 applicants for a single position. Application cover letters must be personalized to each job you apply for. Application materials must be in perfect condition - no typos or formatting issues. I personally think it helps to print things on high quality paper, and have the final presentation look sharp. I (Dedra Demaree) would be happy to share my application materials as examples to anyone who is looking for an academic position at a research university or liberal arts college.

The main documents needed for an academic job application are: a cover letter, a CV, a research statement, and a teaching philosophy.

Ohio State's Faculty and TA development page on teaching portfolios:, and

“CV doctor”:

Purdue resources including how to write a cover letter and CV:

Physics Today article about becoming a professor:

Applying and Interviewing

It is important to show up to the job interview with specific questions for the place you are interviewing. This shows that you have done your homework - you should already know a lot about what they do, and ask questions that show this. You should also be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Typical questions have been compiled by many people online. Here are some of them:

A link with several links of questions:

Generic (but good) questions:

General information about the interview process:

Here are some great links for finding who is hiring:

AAPT career center:

APS job page (Physics Today):

Physics World job page:

Chronicle of Higher Education job page:

Negotiating the job offer

A Chronicle article about negotiating:

General advice:

General advice:

Useful Links

Oregon State University career services:

The College of Charleston physics department job resource page:

Adelaide job resource page:

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